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Here listed are the subscription payment rules and options for new members covering the 2016/17 season.

Subscription Rates for Part-Year Membership
Subs for summer period only - 70% of the Annual Rate for the period 1st April - 30th September 2016. The total amount to be paid in a single payment.


Subs for late joiners - For persons joining the club after 1st June, their subscription will be set by the Club as a percentage of the applicable fee. The total amount to be paid in a single payment.

Payment of Subscriptions by Instalments
Membership categories A B C D E F & L - Persons joining in these categories before 1st June are entitled to pay in 5 similar instalments by lodging 5 cheques with the Club - dated 1st April & post dated 1st May, 1st June, 1st July, 1st August. All other membership categories must be paid in full using a single payment.